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Sony Scene Workshop | On Street Photography and Lightroom Editing with Eric Peng (07/19)

Sunday 14 July 2019

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In this Street Photography and Lightroom Editing workshop, suitable for all levels and photography platform users, you will be able to get hands on with the latest gear from Sony Imaging and explore creative photography. You will be introduced to considered aesthetics and composition, as well as learn some new photography skills both in camera, and in post production.

Participants will cover the basics and then deep dive into the world of Digital Imaging. Presenter Eric Peng will talk about the techniques, compositional considerations and guidance into the world of photography. After you take some photographs, the group will explore the post production workflow and processes Eric uses at EP Group, and then explore personal branding and social media strategy.

EP Group's small workshops provide ample time for you to discover the gear, ask questions and meet like-minded creatives.

Bring your camera, lenses, tripod (even if you are not a Sony shooter) as well as an SD card so you can try new gear. We would also recommend a notepad.

Techniques covered

  • Introduction to Sony Digital Imaging
  • PASM Modes
  • Street Photography Basics
  • Aesthetics and Lighting
  • Lightroom Editing and Post Production Workflow
  • Social Media and Personal Branding

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Tripod (if you have one)
  • SD Card
  • Notepad

Supported by Sony

About Eric Peng
Eric Peng is the Managing Director of EP Group ( - a leading photography, media and marketing firm based in Melbourne. Eric started as a Sony Digital Imaging Advocate in 2019. EP Group brands including EP Photography, Events by EP, EP Commercial and Melbourne Wedding Co.

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