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DIY Pinhole Camera Construction Workshop [Large Format] with Jessica Schwientek

From Pinhole to Pro

Saturday September 14 2019
$150 Members, $175 Non-members

In this one day workshop participants will explore chemistry based photography and build a functioning DIY 4x5" camera from everyday stationary items guided by expert of the analogue experimental, artist and educator Jessica Schwientek.

You will begin the day making and looking at simple matchbox pinhole cameras, exploring the fundamentals of a camera. You will then shoot and develop miniature pinhole photographs, utilising the Strange Neighbour darkroom a few doors from CCP. The group will discuss all things Camera Obscura and be introduced to camera functions such as aperture, focal planes and depth of field.

After lunch we will begin construction of your DIY 4x5" film camera. This is a complex design with 40 individual pieces and will take several hours to cut and construct. Using everyday materials such as foam core, matt board, tracing paper and tape we will build a functioning large format camera with a focusable lens and two detachable backs. One back will be a focussing screen and the other a handmade darkslide. This is an exclusive camera designed by facilitator Jessica Schwientek for CCP and the design cannot currently be accessed anywhere else.

Once successfully completed and inspected for light tightness and proper functionality we will head back to Strange Neighbour and create photographs with our newly built cameras and process the prints in the darkroom.

You will conclude the workshop with silver gelatin prints made from your matchbox and large-format Pinhole cameras. Participants will be able to take their cameras home and continue using them. The camera you will build can be used with silver gelatin darkroom paper or 4x5 inch film to create large format negatives. They can also be used to experiment with alternative photographic techniques.

Jessica Schwientek is the owner/director of NOIR Darkroom, and a fine art photographer practicing in Coburg, Melbourne. Her focus is on analogue and chemistry based photography. Photography is a loose term for Jessica's practice with an emphasis on the alternative and the experimental.

Jessica's work is intrinsic; looking in at the world, herself, society, anything. She is an outsider on the inside drawn to the safety of the fringes. She is an educator, facilitator and gallery owner intent on supporting the works and careers of her peers.

Jessica has a passion for all things DIY and has never let the absence of a camera get in the way of creating a good photograph.

Supported by ILFORD

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