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Image: Civitas workshop, 2019 by Eric Peng

Civitas: Youth Photography Program

CCP and EP Group are proud to present Civitas: Youth Photography Program, debuting in November 2019 with a series of 4 professional photography workshops for emerging young photographers and budding creatives aged 16—25. The workshops will explore photographic fundamentals: the creative application of lighting, equipment, editing and sharing, within the world of photography.

The workshops are led by Eric Peng, Managing Director of EP Group and Digital Imaging Advocate at Sony Australia. There will also be Senior Photographers and Media Specialists from EP Group to assist in all Civitas Programs. Placing focus on delivering an outstanding program designed to build skills, and taught with real world industry insight, the workshops will explore the latest in Digital Imaging technology, contemporary aesthetics, and professional workflow.

$25 per session
or 4 sessions for $85
Limited spots available

Introduction to Photography
Saturday 9 November 2019
You will be introduced to the world of Digital Imaging with a focus on technical knowledge. The class will explore camera modes, RAW photography, workflow and equipment such as prime and zoom lenses.

Street Photography and Lighting
Saturday 16 November 2019
By exploring the surroundings of CCP, capturing street photographs using prime lenses and considered aesthetics, you will be introduced to unique compositional considerations for street photography and how to utilise available lighting for creating effective images.

Lightroom Editing and Social Media
Saturday 30 November 2019
This workshop focuses on Lightroom editing and social media—we will coach you on how to edit photographs and bring them to life through sharing programs.

Automotive Photography Workshop
Saturday 7 December 2019
You will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture a modern vehicle and hear from EP Group senior photographers on how to achieve a professional result. With acute attention to detail, lighting, reflections and angles are all explored.

About Eric Peng
Eric Peng is the Managing Director of EP Group, a leading photography, media and marketing firm based in Melbourne. Recently accepting a role as one of the Digital Imaging Advocates for Sony Australia, Eric has presented and coached at a variety of industry and consumer level events. He is an expert in Digital Imaging Equipment, lighting, professional workflow and marketing strategy. Eric has been on the board for Bayside City Council FreeZa Committee for three years and worked extensively to deliver youth programs and events in music, arts and culture. He has recently worked with Visual Communication Victoria to present at the National Gallery of Victoria on Visual Communication Design and Industry, as well as lecturing at St Leonards College and Methodist Ladies College.

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